Housing Support

Social Justice Advocate (SJA) Program

The Social Justice Advocate (SJA) Program offers support accessing subsidies for rent, or access to a waitlist for subsidized housing.

The SJA supports people to secure a constant source of income through provincial or federal government programs (EI, income assistance, PWD, and CPP/OAS) and provides rent supplements to those experiencing homelessness, or at risk of homelessness.
The SJA can support people that are dealing with a variety of issues:

  • replacing identification
  • Accessing employment insurance
  • Accessing disability income
  • Accessing income assistance
  • Support with barriers to medical services
  • Accessing pensions (CPP/OAS)

The Social Justice Advocate is here to support you with any questions you may have regarding income supports or housing issues. We also have a client computer available for those that may need it.


Community Drop-in

Co-located with our food programming, the community drop-in offers people a chance to ask questions, connect with their neighbors, have a coffee, and access our food programs. The Social Justice Advocate and other Community Connections staff are on site to support you to access services you need, or to answer any questions you might have about available services. We also have computers available to use during our drop-in hours.

Come see us at 416 Second St West. Check for Drop In Times here.

Main Office

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Outreach Building

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Outreach Hours

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Drop In
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