Customized Employer

Customized Employment involves a functional, real-time assessment of an individual’s skills and talents, based on the assumption that everyone is “work ready”; the development of best-match scenarios between work environment, supports, their interests, and work tasks; and a negotiation between the potential employee and the employer.
– Employment for All Website

What We do

  • Get to know your business and match your needs to the skills and interests to the individual.
  • Training and orientation services are available for staff as well as the person with diverse abilities, if required
  • On-going support for you and your new employee

Why hire a person with a diverse ability?

  • Contributes to a better rate of attendance, punctuality, employee morale, teamwork and safety in the workplace.
  • Often leads to a reduction in staff turnover; people with diverse abilities have proven to be skilled and loyal employees
  • Reflects the demographics of your community, and enhances the community’s understanding of people with diverse abilities.
  • Allows the person with a diverse ability to be a role model to the staff and community and others with diverse abilities.

“Increasing employment of people with disabilities is a question of leadership and attitude, of focusing on the ability rather than the disability”
“Employment for All” Website

For more information contact Revelstoke Adult Development Services 250-837-0855 or email

What do I have to offer?

At first, you may think that there are no jobs at your workplace for someone with divers-abilities. Take a look around. Ask your managers to list the things that they need done and do not have time to do. Just think if these tasks could be completed while leaving your current staff to focus on their priority projects. The possibilities are endless. You don’t have to work this out alone either. If you’re not sure how a person with a divers-ability can fit into your business, call us to arrange a tour, we can observe the work environment, learn about your specific business needs, and offer suggestions.

I can’t offer a full-time job. Does that mean I can’t hire someone?

Not at all. In fact, part-time employment may be the best way for an employee to learn and master the skills needed for your business. Job placements through our program range from one to forty hours each week depending on the job and the individual.

How will this affect my other employees?

Many co-workers tell us that working alongside a person with a divers-abilities has enhanced their teamwork and their work environment. If your employees are uncertain about the concept initially, it’s usually because they have no idea what to expect. We can help you address this issue in several ways. Vocational Support Staff from can visit your business and individually meet with staff to help answer any questions or address concerns that may exist. We can also provide diversity and/or co-worker training that is tailored to your specific business needs. As business needs and personnel are always changing, we are there to help you meet these challenges.

Will I have support?

Absolutely! If you decide to hire someone, a job coach is available to help you or your staff train the person for as long as required. As your new employee learns the skills needed for the job, the job coach fades out of the picture. If you need help teaching your employee new skills later on, a phone call is all it takes to bring the job coach back to the worksite.

What about liability?

As a responsible employer, you are already providing a healthy and safe workplace, WCB and general insurance coverage. Hiring someone with a divers-ability does not increase your liability. If there is a medical condition or anything else that could affect health and safety on the job, you will know about it, just as you would with any other employee. Job coaches, as employees of Community Connections, are covered through Community Connections, and are not a liability to your business.

What about wages?

Like anyone else they earn minimum wage or above depending on the assigned job duties and the employer’s pay scale. We believe in real work for real pay!

How will this benefit my business?

Many employers are finding it hard to find reliable, long term, entry-level employees. People with divers-abilities are a labor source that is vastly under-utilized by most industries and businesses. Many employers tell us that hiring someone with a divers-ability is not only great for the business community, but cost-effective toward their bottom line.

Looking for more information? Head over to Employment for All and Hire for Talent.

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