Share in food. Share in community. Fresh Food Recovery is our program where we are able to divert fresh food from landfills and feed people who are hungry.

Youth Mentoring Program – Become a Volunteer

The Youth Mentoring Program pairs volunteer adult mentors with individual youth to participate in recreation activities. As a result, new and lasting relationships help youth foster a positive sense of identity and connection.

The Youth Mentoring Program provides opportunities for:

  • Youth to build meaningful relationships with caring adults
  • Youth to develop a positive sense of identity
  • Youth to take part in activities that they enjoy

Get Connected if you would like more information about becoming a Volunteer Mentor.

Food Program – Become a Volunteer

Volunteers in this role will be helping in three ways:

Volunteers in this role will sort the fresh food that comes in each morning. The fresh food that we receive each day has to be sorted into three categories: food that our guests can use, food for the animals, and food for compost.

This position requires minimal lifting.

All fresh food that we receive needs to be tracked. Volunteers in this role will weigh all incoming Fresh Food Recovery and record data into an app.

This positions requires you to lift 10-50 lbs/box.

Cleaning Crew
Volunteers in this role will be tasked with making sure cleanliness is maintained throughout the shift. Duties will be include washing totes, organizing bins, and other cleaning duties.

Sign up and you will be contacted with availability and follow up requirements, including a criminal record check.

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Food Bank!

We are so thankful to have enough individuals volunteering regularly to fill our current positions.

If you are interested in volunteering either on a commital or casual basis, please email Hannah at hwhitney@community-connections.ca

Connecting Community

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